Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So I promised pictures in February, and here we are on the 28th--still no pictures.
Do I have an excuse? No.

Do I have anything to show you? Yes! Sort of.

The beginnings of a new project. This will be hosted on the craft mafia site when it's ready, but if you have anything to contribute right now, please do. We want the craftwiki to have tutorials, resource listings, nyc supply directories, anything at all, really.

And if you can help with skins for mediawiki, I will buy you an expensive drink, or several cheap ones.

OK, the craftwiki is already broken. It was working earlier! Shit.

re-update 3/2
The broken craftwiki appears to be my host's fault.

Pros: Broken craftwiki not my fault.

Cons: Un-breaking the craftwiki means I need to get a lot geekier or wait for the host to fix the problem.

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